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Das Pirates Of The Caribbean Vokabular - How to talk like Jack Sparrow

Reden wie Jack Sparrow, kein Problem! Wir haben die besten und lustigsten Piratensprüche aus dem Film für euch. Weil Jack ja Englisch spricht, haben wir euch natürlich auch die Originalsprüche in der Originalsprache besorgt:

Blunt – slang for money or coin
Cob or Cob Dollars – gold doubloons
Doubloon - Spanish or Aztec Gold
Pieces of Eight – Silver Spanish coin
Tin – slang for money or coin

Bunny Grub - vegetables
Burgoo – a vile mash of boiled oatmeal with salt, sugar and butter
Cackle-Fruit – eggs
Dogsbody – sea biscuit soaked in water and sugar
Grog - Rum diluted w/ water
Hardtack - a hard flour & water biscuit
Loblolly – Porridge or gruel
Poor John – salted and dried fish
Rum – a preferred drink of pirates
Salmagundi – a particularly spicy soup
Spirits – hearty beverages
Splice the mainbrace – to have several drinks
Tooth Rot – sugar

Me Hearties
Insults :
Addled - crazy
Bilge Rat
Bilge-sucking – an uncomplimentary adjective
Land-lubber – land-lover
Lubber – a clumsy man
Poxy, poxed – to be diseased
Scurvy Dog
Shark Bait - lazy
Swab – disrespectful term for a seaman

Wracking trade –diving for sunken treasure
Exclamat ions:
Blimey – to be surprised
Bouyed up – to be uplifted
Clear the deck – prepare for battle
Land Ahoy – to see land
Me thinks – I believe
Sink me – to be surprised
Aye or Aye, aye, sir! …or, Arr – yes

Bite the Bullet – to stop the screaming
from any punishment Clap in irons – confined to iron manacles
Davy Jones’ Locker – a watery grave
Feed the Fish – being thrown into the sea dead or alive
Flogging – a short whip with a cat-o’- nine-tails attached at the end.
Gallows Dance – the dangling feet of a hanged man
Keelhaul – tying wrists & ankles, tossing overboard then dragging under the keel of the ship
Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter – to be bent over a ship’s guns and flogged Kiss the Wooden Lady –to be tied up w/ arms ‘round the mast.
Maroon – abandoning an offender on a remote island
Rope’s End – referencing a hanging – to meet the rope’s end
Sweating – being forced to run around the ship until you dropped while crew utilized various sharp objects ‘encouraging’ you to continue
Walking the Plank – to walk until you drop off the plank

“Batten down the hatches” – we’re expecting adverse conditions!
“Bum-squabbled” – to be baffled confused or puzzled
“By and large” – for the most part
“Cracking a bottle” – ‘Let’s open a bottle of wine or rum’
“Dead as bilge water” – rotting dead
“Devil to pay” – seeing no clear way out of a situation
“Eye of the wind” – the direction in which the wind is coming from
“Feeling blue” – a ship without a captain flew a blue flag when returning to port
“Gone by the board” – anything lost over the side of a ship
“Harp up in a clinch and no knife to cut the seizing’s” – in a difficult situation
“I have the collywobbles” – to be afraid
“I’ll see you measured for chains” -- a particularly nasty threat feared by pirates
“In due course” – something will happen when it should happen
“Keep a weather eye open” – keep an eye on where the trouble might come from
“Rattle the bones” – to shake the dice or gambling with cards & dice
“Shake a cloth in the wind” – to be slightly tipsy or drunk
“Shiver me timbers” – to be very surprised
“Sink Me!” – to be very surprised
“Stay the Course” – a nautical term to not vary from the intended destination
“Sweet Trade” – a pirate's profession
Tell it to the parrot” – to tell everyone, spreading gossip
“Three Sheet To The Wind” – to be drunk
“Yo Ho Ho!” – a very piratey thing to say on any occasion

Ab 22. September gibt es Pirates Of The Caribbean endlich auf DVD und Blu-ray. Wir bringen euch rechtzeitig vorher noch die passenden Vokabeln bei, damit ihr euch auch standesgemäß unterhalten könnt! ;) 


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